Men’s Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

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You’ve booked a fantastic restaurant for your date, ordered their favorite flowers at the florist, and bought your partner the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. But you forgot to pick an outfit and left for your date wearing PJs. 

How many of us are guilty of doing that? We get everything figured out but leave the most important thing to the last. Imagine you have the best gift in hand, heading straight to a five-star restaurant. 

But wait! You forgot to change your joggers. It can be a little awkward, right? To save you from this, we have come up with the best men’s Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for every occasion. 

No matter if you are going to a fancy restaurant or heading out to the movies. We have got everything covered. So, you better focus on buying a perfect present and leave your outfit worries to us!

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Why Men Should Dress Their Best on Valentine’s Day

Well, there is no denying that a person looks 10 times better when they put their best foot forward. 

They pay attention to what they are wearing, mismatch the right pieces, and dress up for the occasion. 

By dressing up your best on Valentine’s Day, you will show your partner how much this day means to you and are willing to put in some extra effort to look good for them. 

But don’t worry. You don’t have to do this alone.

Below we are going to list the best Valentine’s Day men’s outfits that will make you look incredible. So, let’s begin.

Best Valentine’s Day Outfit for Men

Let’s start our list of excellent Valentine’s Day outfits for men that will surely help you seize any date.

1. A Blazer or Your Favorite Suit

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If you plan on taking your partner out to a fancy dinner, we recommend you go for something extra. 

You can pair any blazer with some dress pants; we guarantee your partner will love it.

If a blazer is too much for you, we suggest you go for something a little simpler than that.

You can wear your favorite men’s Valentine’s Day black shirt with classic blue jeans, and you are ready to go!

2. Something Light/ Colorful

If your ideal Valentine’s date is brunch or lunch with your partner. We will suggest you go for something day appropriate. 

Mix and match all your light color options. You can wear a salmon pink shirt with a pair of blue jeans, and you are set for your brunch date with your partner.

3. A Casual Fit

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Not all of us go for lunch or dinner with our partners. Some of us casually hang out with them on Valentine’s Day. If you have a similar plan, then we have a perfect outfit for you. 

Pair your favorite t-shirt with comfortable jeans, and you are ready to rock! This outfit works well for almost all occasions. 

Whether you are going to the movies or taking them out shopping, you can always go right with a classic t-shirt and jeans.

Know more about men’s casual wear.

4. Something Party Appropriate

If you are planning on going out to a club with your partner. Then we will recommend you dress for the occasion. 

If you want to go a little casual, we suggest you pair your favorite Valentine’s Day leather jacket with a good pair of jeans. 

You can even wear something more dressed, like a casual blazer or a trench coat.

5. A Good Pair of PJs

If your plan for valentines is staying at your home and chilling with your partner. Then, we have a perfect outfit option for you. 

You can rock your men’s Valentine’s Day pajama pants and call it a day. If you want to look presentable, you can wear a matching pajama set or mismatch different color options to look presentable yet comfortable.

6. Formal Attire

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Not all of us get a leave on Valentine’s Day, and if you plan a quick date before or after work. Then, this is the perfect outfit for you.

We suggest you go for something formal yet look Valentine’s appropriate. You can pair your favorite black or white shirt with a gray pair of pants. 

These will not only look appropriate for the office but will also work well on Valentine’s Day.

Some Other Things to Add

Here are a few other things you can add to your outfit to look more put-together and presentable.

1. Valentine’s Day Jewelry for Men

To make your outfit look more presentable and up to the mark, you can add men’s jewelry for Valentine’s Day. 

Just pair your outfit with a classic watch or a thick ring that shows your personality. Just add any piece of jewelry that makes your dress look complete.

2. Valentine’s Day Shoes For Men

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Once you have decided on your outfit for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to pick the right pair of shoes.

You can wear any Valentine’s Day shoes for men according to your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a casual outfit, we suggest you wear a pair of sneakers. 

But, if you plan on wearing something dressy, we suggest you go for a more standard option like boots or oxfords.

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3. Best Perfume

One thing that you should always remember to wear is your perfume. It will take your whole look to another level. 

You can even choose a fragrance according to what look you are going for. For example, if you are going out for a day, we suggest selecting a fresh fragrance option. 

But if your Valentine’s Day plan includes partying or a fancy dinner. You can go for a strong fragrance.

4. Sunglasses

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To make any outfit look complete, pair it with the right pair of sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses will make all your outfit look fabulous and put together. 

Just remember to pick a shade of sunglasses that works well with all your outfits.

5. A Hat

If you are going out on a sunny day, remember to add a nice hat to your outfit. But before adding a hat, you must keep in mind what look you are going for on Valentine’s Day. 

If you are going to a club, then the hat can look bizarre. So, make sure you pair a hat only with appropriate outfits.

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Some Outfits Combinations That Work For Every Date

Here are a few outfit combinations that work for every kind of date, and trust us, you can always go right with these outfit combinations.

1. White Shirt and Blue Jeans

It is one of the best Valentine’s Day men’s outfits you can wear. A white shirt and pair of blue jeans will work for any date you plan. 

This classic combination will give you the confidence you need to seize your Valentine’s Day date!

2. Relaxed Fit T-Shirt and Some Trousers

mens valentines day clothes – tshirt and trousers| HappyLifeCry

If you are looking for a comfortable outfit, this is the best outfit you can go for. Just pair your favorite relaxed-fit T-shirt with formal trousers, and you are good to go.

Whether you are going for an after-work date or brunch, this outfit will work for every occasion.

3. A Well-Fitted Sweater and Jeans

Wear a well-fitted sweater and jeans if you want something cozy for your date. This outfit will not only keep you warm but will also make you look presentable and put together. 

You will never go wrong with a classic sweater and jeans for your date!

Can You Wear Pajamas on Valentine’s Day?

Well, this is a question many men ask us, and the answer to this question is, why not be sure?

If you are going for a casual look, you can style Valentine’s Day pajamas for men. 

You can even rock your pajama pants with a good t-shirt and call it a look for the day. Make sure you incorporate the right colors well in your outfit.

What Is the Right Outfit for Valentine’s Day?

Well, if you ask us this question. Anything you feel comfortable wearing can be your Valentine’s Day outfit. 

Make sure you combine comfort with a bit of style and keep your plan for the day in mind.

Like, if you are working on Valentine’s Day and going on a date after work. Then, give more priority to comfort and mismatch it with some stylish pieces. 

But, if your plans are going for a dinner or club. Then, we recommend you emphasize style and combine a little comfort with it.


We know how hard it can be to choose a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for men. But, with this list in hand. 

We are sure you will find something that makes you look amazing! 

Just keep in mind the key to a good outfit is mixing different pieces and coming up with something that not only looks incredible but is also comfortable at the same time. We hope you find a fantastic outfit.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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