How to Wish Happy Valentine’s Day in Different Languages?

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If you are looking for a way to surprise your partner in a different yet romantic way, you have landed on the right page. Valentine’s Day is filled with romance and sweetness, and we want to make our partner feel special in unimaginable ways.

Well, what’s a better way to declare your love for someone than saying it in different languages? Yes, you heard us right. In this article, we will share how you can say Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages to make your partner feel special on this Valentine’s Day.

So, let’s dive right into the article without wasting further time.

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Is Valentine’s Day Different In Different Locations? 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways in various parts of the world. Like in Argentina, Valentine’s Day is celebrated for an entire week and is called the week of sweetness.

In some countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated as friends’ day, where people show their love for their friends. In short, every country has its own story of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Why Wishing Your Partner In Different Languages Is A Good Idea?

Wishing your partner a Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages will surely surprise your partner. It’s a beautiful gesture to show how much you love your partner.

You can learn to say Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages and surprise them at midnight with a little romantic show!

Here’s How To Wish Your Partner A Happy Valentine’s Day In Different Languages.

Below we list how you can wish your partner a Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages.


Here is how to wish a Happy Valentine’s Day in French.
In France, you don’t say Happy Valentine’s Day; you say Joyeuse Saint Valentin.

Its English pronunciation is “Jway-euz Sen Vah-lehn-tehn.”

Many believe that Valentine’s Day started in France when Charles, the Duke of Orleans, used to send letters to his wife from prison. 

Furthermore, between the 12th and 14th centuries, a village called Valentine became an epicenter of romance. 

During Valentine’s Day, people in France decorate their trees and houses. It’s truly a delight to see France wrapped in love during Valentine’s Day!

Along with wishing them in French, you can gift your partner some cute valentine’s souvenirs like chocolates, flowers, etc.

South Korean

Happy Valentine’s Day in Korean is translated to Haengboghan Ballentain Dei.

Its English pronunciation is haepi ballentain dei. 

Some people say Valentine’s Day tradition is very different in South Korea.

People in South Korea celebrate seven days of love throughout the year. In May, they celebrate “the days of rose.” June is “the day of kisses,” and December is the day of hugs. 

They celebrate love all year long. Isn’t it amazing?


If you want to wish your partner in Spanish, all you have to say is Feliz dia de San Valentin.

Its English pronunciation is Feliz Día de San Valentín.

On Valentine’s Day, men in Spain prepare Macadora’, a marzipan figurine to gift their wives or girlfriends. 

It’s their way of showing love to the women in life. Valentine’s Day in Spain is celebrated on Oct 9, and many people visit there to see beautiful colorful parades on the streets of Spain’s villages.

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This is how you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Chinese, 情人节快乐.

Its English pronunciation is Qíngrén Jié Kuàilè.
It’s hard to pronounce. But, once you practice it enough, you will get the hang of it. 

In Miao, Southwest China. They celebrate Valentine’s Day on Mar 15. The way the Chinese celebrate Valentine’s Day is the most beautiful thing you will hear today. 

They call it “Sister’s Day.” And, on this day, all the sisters of Southwest China get together covered in silver jewelry. They cook different dishes of colored rice, which is offered to young women walking on the streets.

The fate of those girls is decided by the object hidden inside the rice. Two chopsticks signify “love,” and a clove of garlic represents “the love is over before it begins.” It truly is a beautiful tradition.


Happy Valentine’s Day in Japanese is said as ハッピーバレンタインデー.

Its English translation is Happībarentaindē. 

The tradition in Japan is much different from that in the rest of the world. In Japan, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated on Feb 14.

But, instead of men giving gifts to their female counterparts. Females buy gifts for their husbands or boyfriends. The men can’t return gifts until Mar 14, which is celebrated as ‘white day’; after that, they can buy gifts for their girlfriends.


In Italy, you say Buon San Valentino, similar to what you say in France.

Initially, Italians used to celebrate Valentine’s Day as their spring festival. 

Under this ritual, women wake up early to spot their future husbands. But, now they celebrate it by exchanging gifts with their girlfriends or wives.

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Happy Valentine’s Day in Portuguese is translated as Feliz Dia Dos Namorados.

In Portugal, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving gift baskets, chocolates, and lovely gifts to one another.

Couples usually spend their Valentine’s Day spending time with each other. It’s common to spot love birds on Portugal streets spending a beautiful night on Valentine’s Day together.


In Russia, you wish each other Valentine’s Day by saying, с днем ​​Святого Валентина.

Its English translation is S Dnyom Svyatovo Valentina. 

In Russia, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by giving their loved ones candy, balloons, and other gifts. 

Giving so many gifts is the desire to show their love to their partner. Girls get all dressed up in excitement to meet their partner, and they spend the whole Valentine’s Day together.


This is how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Vietnamese Ngay Hanh Phuc Valentine. Vietnam’s Valentine’s Day celebration is just like every other country in the world.

On this day of love, they take their partners on beautiful dates and give surprise presents to them. If you ever visit Vietnam, you will witness love everywhere.


Happy Valentine’s Day in Arabic is translated as عيد حب سعيد.

Its English translation is Eid Hubi Saeid. 

It is undoubtedly different than other translations. In the past, many Arab countries did not celebrate Valentine’s Day.

But recently, many have accepted this western holiday and celebrated it with much love and affection. Couples make evening plans and celebrate their day together. They buy cute gifts, chocolates, and flowers to make their partners happy.


In Sweden, you say Happy Valentine’s Day as Glad Alla Hjärtans Dag; it means all hearts day. 

The people of Sweden celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging sweet pastries, chocolates, sweet jellies, and candies.

Like in almost every other country, they take their partner out on a date and spend their Valentine’s Day with them.

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Dutch is spoken in the Netherlands, and you wish them happy Valentine’s Day by saying Fijne valentijnsdag. 

In the Netherlands, Valentine’s Day is celebrated just like in any other country. On this day, they gift their partner cute gifts like cards and flowers. They also take them out on beautiful dates and spend their day together.


In Indonesia, Happy Valentine’s Day is said as Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang.

A lot of people in Indonesia do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But because of this modern era, many people are beginning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their partners. In Indonesia, people celebrate Valentine’s Day by gifting their loved ones cute gifts.


In Turkey, Happy Valentine’s Day is translated to as mutlu sevgililer günü. Valentine’s Day in turkey is no different than in any other country in the world. 

On this day, they also gift their partner chocolates and flowers and spend a romantic day with them.

How you can make Valentine’s Day memorable by wishing them in different languages

Here we list a few tips on how to wish your partner a Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages. So, let’s dive right in.

1. Learn to speak a few languages and surprise them

You can learn to speak a few different languages and surprise them if you want. You can take some classes before Valentine’s Day, or you can even stream videos online.

And finally, on Valentine’s Day, surprise them by wishing it in many different languages.

2. Send them a postcard wishing them in different languages

If your partner is away from you and you are looking for a way to wish them in different languages. Then, we will recommend you send a postcard. 

You can write Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages or your partner’s native language to surprise your partner. This will surely make your partner feel special and loved. 

It is an underrated way of wishing your partner, but trust us, they will love it.

3. Write Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages on a card.

If you need more time to learn all the languages. Here’s what you can do. Just buy a beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting card and write Happy Valentine’s Day in all the different languages.

This way, you can do something romantic for them without putting a lot of time into it.

4. Get it written on top of a cake

If writing it on a card is too basic for you. Don’t worry; we have a better option for you. Just pick 5 of your favorite languages and wish them by getting it written on top of a cake.

This will add a touch of personalization to it and make your partner feel special.

5. Record them and make a mix tape of it or Send a Voicemail

If you are ready to invest a little bit of time in it. We have a fantastic option for you. All you have to do is learn to speak how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages and record it.

If you want, add a few more personal touches to make it look more thoughtful, then gift this mix tape to your partner. Take our word; this idea will surely make your partner feel loved and happy.

If you don’t want to make a mix tape but want to add that touch of personalization to our Valentine’s Day wish. We suggest you send them a cute voicemail wishing them happy Valentine’s Day in different languages.

6. Make a video call or record a video of yourself wishing your partner in their native language

Another great idea is to wish your partner Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages. If your partner is not with you, you can video call them and wish them happy Valentine’s Day in different languages face to face. 

If not, you can record a video of yourself wishing them happy Valentine’s Day. To make it extra cute, you can add a little touch of quirkiness to it. 

You can make some jokes about how hard it is for you to pronounce some words. We are sure this will make your partner laugh and really happy. 

These will show them how much effort you put into wishing your partner a happy valentine’s day, and your partner will love it.

It’s never too late to try something new

Doing all of this sounds like a lot of effort. But we assure you that it’s always possible to try something new and make your partner happy and loved. 

You can begin prior to Valentine’s Day and practice pronouncing these words. But if you still can’t. Don’t be disheartened; you can write your wishes down in different languages and give that to your partner. 

There are many options that we have listed above. You can choose one that works well for you.

How can you make it better, in our opinion

You should do something that is within your reach. In other words, don’t push yourself too much because it can put a lot of pressure on your Valentine’s gift, and you can end up ruining it. 

Instead, plan something according to your capacity. You can plan something more significant, like recording, if you have extra time. But, if you are busy, writing it down is a better option for you.

Just keep in mind that love is in the heart; all you have to do is love them with all you have. That’s the best gift you can give to your partner!


Wishing your partner in different languages takes Valentine’s Day up a notch. With the help of the information listed in this article.

Now you can wish your partner Happy Valentine’s Day in different languages and choose the best way for you. 

We hope you get successful in making your partner Happy this Valentine’s Day.

Good luck!

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