Signs someone cares about you deeply

Signs someone cares about you deeply | HappyLifeCry

We all have been at a place where we keep on wondering if the person we are with cares about us or not. We spend days and nights thinking about their actions, determining if they feel the same about us. Sometimes, people, in general, aren’t very good at expressing their emotions, so How to find out if the person we are spending time with care about us? If you are looking for a way and trying to find some signs that can help you identify, this article is for you. Because in this article, we will talk about signs someone cares about you deeply. So, you are not left pondering over if they care about you.

1. They listen to you

One of the most prominent signs to identify if your special person cares about you is to pay attention to whether they listen to you or not. If a person always remembers the small details of the conversation and listens closely to what you have to say. Then clearly, they care about you a lot. Like, you shared with them how much you love ice-creams, and whenever you go out, they always remember this about you. Such small gestures are a big sign that they pay attention to you.

2. They plan surprises for you

If your loved ones never miss a chance to plan something out for you, this is a sure sign that they care about you. Be it ordering something you like or planning a beautiful date night, if they always make an effort to surprise you shows that they try their best to keep things exciting between you two. And will never miss an opportunity where they could show how much they care about you.

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3. They make you feel important

To feel valued and important in a relationship is one of its most rewarding aspects. And if the other person never foregoes a chance to make you feel understood in your relationship. Then they genuinely care about you. We only make those people feel important who we care about a lot. So, if they always treat you nicely and consider you a priority, trust us, they have got you.

4. They value what you have to say

We all face difficulties in life, and if someone special always comes to you and consults you before making a decision shows that they value your opinion and judgment. They want to include you in all their major life decisions and are open enough to ask for your help. If the other person values what you have to say means they trust you with their life and care about you enough to count you in every significant decision.

5. Your smile makes them smile

Have you ever noticed that your special person automatically smiles when you smile? If this happens often, there is a good chance that the other person cares about you a lot, as this is one of the significant signs someone really cares about you.

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When someone smiles because you are smiling, your happiness is their number one priority, and seeing you happy instantly makes them smile. So, if you ever caught them smiling because of you, remember they wholeheartedly care for you.

6. They take your ignorance seriously

We all ignore people when we feel unvalued and unappreciated in our relationship. But, if the other person never likes you, avoiding them could be because they care about you deeply and your ignorance hurts their feelings.

If they always try to reach you, show that they can’t stand the fact that you are unhappy with them and care the most about your happiness. They take your ignorance seriously and do their best to make things right.

7. They make sacrifices for you

They do everything possible for you, from letting you decide what to eat to making time for yourself. If your special someone always sacrifices for your happiness shows, they care a lot about you and will sacrifice anything to see you happy. Sacrificing for someone is a universal way of showing that you value their happiness over yours and is the most common sign someone cares about you. So, if you ever find someone making sacrifices for you, they genuinely love you.

8. You find them there when you need them

One of the most common ways of showing you care about someone is by being available for them when they need you the most. And if your special person always makes themselves available for you is a sign they care about you.

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When you care about someone, you can’t see them in any problem, and you try your best to help them. So, if they always stick by your side, you are blessed with someone who cares deeply about you.

9. They consider their future with you

People who care about you always count on you in their future. It is one of the most sure-tell signs someone cares about you. So if you find the other person making future plans with you, they are definitely serious about you. And when someone is serious about a person, they never put themselves in a position to lose them. If you are always in their plans, they consider you their end goal and will do anything to make it happen.

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10. They make you feel safe and protected

Suppose someone pays attention to your safety and ensures that they are always there to protect you from things that can harm you. If they always involve themselves when they see you in a problem and try their best to protect you from making any wrong decision, they surely care a lot about you. They can’t let you get hurt and will do anything to protect you. If you find these traits in someone, they care about you more than you think.

11. They never miss a chance to make you happy

When someone really cares about you, they put your happiness above theirs and engage in things that make you happy.

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Sometimes when we care a lot about someone, we often do things that we don’t like to see a smile on their face. So, if they also do things just for happiness, like going to comedy movies instead of action, canceling their plans to spend more time with you. Then, there is a clear chance that they care about you.

12. They never take you for granted

The one who cares about you will never take your efforts and love for granted, and they will reciprocate them in the best possible way. If there’s someone in your life who always values you as a person and makes sure that you always feel heard and loved. They genuinely care a lot about you. It matters to them how you feel in their relationship; they want to make their every effort count when it comes to making you feel good and valued. If they never take you for granted, they value you more than you think.

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13. They always resolve a conflict

If there is someone who always knows how to resolve a conflict and never lets you stay angry for a long time, you are lucky, as this is one of the most significant signs someone cares about you. It means that they care about you more than any fight or conflict and will never let anything come between you two.

If they make efforts to resolve even the harshest arguments, there is no one they would care more about. They care about you with everything and will always try their best to make it up to you.

14. They experience your pain

When you care about a person, you can never see them struggling. You experience their pain as yours and do your best to ease it.

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You help them in every possible way and deal with their problem like yours. And if you have that lovely person who gets hurt when you get hurt. Trust us; they care about you with all their heart.


Sometimes people are not very good at showing their emotions to the ones they love, and it becomes hard to determine if they care about us. But, with the help of all these signs, you can quickly figure out if someone cares about you or not. And based on this, you can take your relationship with them to the next level.

You should always care for those who care about you, as people like these are hard to find. If your special person does 4 or more things listed in this article, they definitely care about you more than you realize, and you should never lose a person who values your happiness.

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