Types of Toxic Relationships Prevalent Today 

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Toxic relationships are always around us. These relationships come in different types. At times you might be in a relationship that’s toxic, and you might not even know. It will leave you drained and angry. Toxic relationships come in different colors. At times we date toxic people or have toxic friends.

Knowing toxic relationship

Ideally, a toxic relationship is detrimental to our existence. You end up losing yourself when you are in a toxic relationship. You become an unhappy person. The worst part about a toxic relationship is that you cannot recognize it in one go. It can affect how you look at your life and destroy you from the inside. If you are in a toxic relationship, you must look for an exit door. It is because no matter how much you think you can change the relationship, you can’t. 

Some of the common types of toxic relationships

1. Controlling Relationships

Controlling relationships generally include one partner controlling another. It means you have to do things they like. You are in the middle of a toxic romance if you are in a relationship where the partner makes the approval. It is where everything you do needs to pass through their scrutiny.

2. Jealous Partners

 Is your partner jealous when you spend time with your friends? Then consider you’re in a toxic relationship. Jealousy in relationship is normal, but too much is abnormal. However, insecurity is destructive for you if it affects you negatively or restricts you from independence.

3. Negative Thinkers

A negative-thinking partner is one of the worst choices. They might see only the negative aspects of life forever. These partners not only make you feel toxic but make sure you are far-fetched from happiness. 

4. The Liar Lover

If a person lies to their parents, they might lie to you. So never trust a liar partner. This is a common type of toxic relationship. Toxic relationship starts on lie.

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Honesty is essential in any relationship. Couples must be honest about everything, big and small things. You must run as fast as possible from such a relationship if you end up with a liar.

5. The Perfectionist type of toxic relationship

You will never be enough for your partner. A perfectionist will always find something wrong, no matter how great you can cook or how thin you are. Likewise, you will only be able to do something well enough if this person can do things well enough for themselves.

6. The Crazy Competitor

A relationship is a team effort and is not a competition. It’s unfair and unhealthy if your partner tries to one-up your accomplishments. Instead, your partner must congratulate you and motivate you to do better instead of comparing you with others. A couple must build together and support each other. As a team, they must nurture each other’s accomplishments.

7. An Abusive Partner

The abusive partner is vocal at times. It goes way beyond just being physical abuse in relationship. Vocal abuses have a similar effect.

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You can leave the relationship if the partner raises their hand at you or threatens you with abuse. The more you stay in a toxic relationship, your partner dominates you.

8. Blaming Lover

Suppose your partner takes their frustrations on you and blames you for their mistakes. Consider staying away from this kind of person. You might think they are acting childish but genuinely think if it’s your fault or not. You need to stand your ground, or you will end up in a messy type of relationship. There will be a time when both of you hate each other. Hence it is better to end a toxic relationship where the partner blames you for every mistake they make.

9. An Extremely Insecure Partner

Being a little insecure in a relationship is common. It is widespread if you are meeting good-looking members of the opposite sex. It’s time to talk if your partner is highly insecure. Insecure partners constantly need a lot of reassurance and proof of love. It’s time to take a stand, or you’ll hate your partner.

10. Narcissistic Partners

These are shallow and extreme users. Partners will be in a relationship but will treat you as an accessory. Narcissistic feel shameful when they dress messy.

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A narcissistic partner is difficult to handle all time with behavior changes and own importance. The relationship will not help your self-esteem unless you like being the toy.

11. A True Follower 

Relationship with an insecure partner becomes toxic. If your partner follows you, doesn’t trust you, and always asks you where you were last night and similar questions. If your partner always tries to catch you, consider your partner is insecure in the relationship; the dynamic relationship is frequent in couples. It is when a person is unsure about a relationship with the other person. One person usually depends on another, and the other is afraid to engage. 

12. Rinsing Partner

When washing clothes, we usually do a rinse-and-repeat process. People typically follow this process because they appreciate it more when they go through something unpleasant and survive. It applies to a relationship where one partner hurts the other by insulting them but then feels extremely guilty. People then tried to make up for the same and show repentance. You should treat this kinds of toxic relationship signs early as it will help you save it. It can be very harmful if it becomes repetitive and dynamic.

13. A Demanding Partner

Demanding partners expect the best from you. But they fail to return the favor. Instead, they constantly try to be your boss. They tell you how lucky their friends are to have such understanding partners. Being in such a toxic relationship will make you feel helpless. 

Closing Up

If you are dating someone dominating you all the time, it’s time for you to talk. Toxic relationships are common as people have that nature. Once you understand different types of toxic relationships, you can decide if you are in one. 

But it is also important to note that love is beautiful, and not all relationships are toxic. Hence, it is your time to find true and healthy love and embrace it.

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