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When you get into a relationship, everything seems cute and bubbly, but the reality hits after some months when you and your partner get to know each other a little more, and all the behaviors unlock. At this stage, either the reality is all green flags, or the reality is all red flags. And if they are the red flags, it will take no time until the relationship turns into a toxic one because these red flags are the signs of an unhealthy relationship.

10 Signs of Toxic Relationship 

There are several signs of a toxic relationship, shown when it has been some months in the relationship. These signs of a toxic relationship are as follows:

1. Being Neglected and Dominated

In a relationship, both people should have control over the decision-making because the decision has to be mutual. If you feel that your opinions and choices are neglected, and you are forced not to make or agree with your partner’s decision, this is one of the signs of toxicity in the relationship. 

You will feel that your partner is not listening to your advice and neglecting you in every way. And when it is your partner’s time, they forcefully convince you to agree with their decision. This way, they are dominating you in your relationship.

2. Stress and Unhappiness – Unhealthy Signs of Toxic Relationship

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Being in a relationship means you are happy and stress-free with your partner. However, suppose you experience stress whenever you spend time with your partner and feel unhappy rather than satisfied with your partner. In that case, your relationship is not going well because your partner is making you stress over unnecessary things that are building up your love bond in toxicity. 

3. No Space in the Relationship 

Even if two people are in a relationship for a long time, they still give each other some space so that they won’t invade each other’s privacy. And this is how it should be because it is a sign of a healthy relationship. But if you are experiencing a lack of space, your partner constantly asks you where you are going, what you are up to, and who you spend your time with. 

If your partner is not giving you, alone and personal time and always clinging to you wherever you go, then your relationship is going towards toxicity. 

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4. Not Feeling Safe: Abused

If you are not feeling safe with your partner and you develop a feeling where you are always scared of them and can’t open up in front of them. Then know that your relationship is turning toxic.

abuse in toxic relationship | HappyLifeCry

For example, suppose your partner is abusing you verbally by saying harsh things saying bad words or physically hitting you, even at the small stuff. In that case, you should cut your ties with such a relationship because it will be bad for you in the future. 

5. No Trust – Early Signs of Toxic relationship

That is a big red flag if your partner does not trust you in any situation. Consider if you are out for work or going out for any personal reasons that you can’t share even with your partner.

no trust - Early Sign of Toxic relationship | HappyLifeCry

Rather than being supportive and trusting you, your partner is making allegations about you that you are meeting other people behind their back then. Partners should take care of these things.

6. No Freedom

Freedom is the key to any relationship. Freedom like going wherever you want, meet, freedom of going to your family, freedom of working. These basic freedoms are present even when you are in a relationship. But suppose you cannot experience these freedoms with your partner, like your partner is always controlling away where you are going, and you’re not allowed to hang out with your friends. In that case, your partner is turning your relationship into a toxic one.

7. Unnecessary Arguments 

Presume you and your partner regularly engage in unnecessary arguments on unimportant things in a relationship. In that case, it’s a sign that your relationship is not going anywhere.

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However, please understand that your relationship is being sabotaged when your partner starts getting angry even on the simplest things that are done in a relationship, making them into a big and rubbish argument. 

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8. Losing Yourself

When you have spent a lot of time in a toxic relationship, you start losing yourself. To satisfy your partner in the relationship, you start doing things their way even if you don’t like them.

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You start doing the things you don’t want just so your partner doesn’t get angry. This time comes when you completely forget yourself and only do things in partner ways. And this is very dangerous for a person to come out.

9. Communication Gap

It is the experience that communication is key to a healthy relationship. So it would be best if partners communicate in a relationship for it to work smoothly. Both partners should discuss the problematic matters so they can come to an end by finding a mutual solution.

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For example, suppose you are sensing a communication gap in a relationship like you cannot contact your partner at any time or your partner places a restriction, and there is no talking between you and your partner like it used to be. In that case, you should end that kind of relationship.

10. Only You Are Making Efforts

When you start feeling that only you are making an effort in the relationship to be in place and you are the one managing everything in a relationship, then know that this relationship is turning toxic. 

A relationship needs mutual efforts. It means to be handled by both people, not only by one. When your partner is not paying attention to any relationship matters, it means they have lost interest, and now there is no point in the relationship. 


So, these are the ten signs of a toxic relationship. If your relationship shows any of these signs, then know that your relationship is turning into an unhealthy one. It would help if you ended it before it got out of hand. 

Knowing the early signs can save your lovely relationship……!

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