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Every relationship has a good reason to start. We start a relationship with a good intention. We nurture the relation day by day. But even we give our one hundred percent in a relationship. Some loopholes created with or without a reason.

Living with a partner who doesn’t care for you is the first sign of a bad relationship.
There is no happiness in a toxic relationship.
Today, We’ll cover every aspect of an unhealthy relationship to make it happy.

Why Healthy Relationship Becomes Unhealthy?

We live in a fast-paced world. With our daily schedule, sometimes we focus only on ourselves and we forget others. Big things start with small things. A bad relationship starts with a slight change in your partner’s attitude.
Sometimes your partner becomes angry with you without a reason. This can make your relation unhealthy. If you’re making frequent mistakes and your partner doesn’t like it. It is treated as a warning for bad relationships.
Without reason, nothing happens. Find your reasons, I would say, Investigate it and work on it.

What is an Unhealthy Relationship Exactly?

It is a relationship where there are one or more persons involved. They have the same intention at the start. They show behavior that is not happy. These worse relationships are not founded by mutual agreement.
These kinds of relationships lack the following things:

  1. Respect for each other. 
  2. Dishonesty 
  3. Distrust
    and resulting in an argument and dispute again and again.

7 signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

There are many signs of unhealthy or unhappy relationships. We’ll cover some of them.
Following are some of the signs:

  1. Dishonesty
  2. Avoidance
  3. Distrust
  4. Disrespect
  5. Physical Violence and threatening
  6. Repeated Dispute
  7. Negative Environment

    1. Dishonesty

    When a relationship collapsed. It’s collapsed by honesty. Your partner becomes a liar for even small things. Lying costs a huge amount in a relationship. It can make your relationship worse.

    2. Avoidance

    If you’re being avoided by someone, then it’s a crucial sign of a bad relationship. By avoiding, we’re cutting our honest communication, we are creating a feeling of anger. Avoidance in the long-run ends up harming your intimacy with your partner.

    3. Distrust

    Distrust is a feeling that can harm your relationship badly. Partners who don’t trust each other, feel insecure, emotionally, and mentally down. When you don’t keep your promises and neglect expectation. You’re most likely in a distrust situation.
    Lack of trust makes your world of conception and misconception. It’s better to talk for avoiding distrust.

    4. Disrespect

    A disrespected relationship has no values. Some people don’t tolerate disrespect. They better leave this kind of relationship. Respect is an important element of life. Love with respect is a beautiful thing and very few people achieve this. You can love a person but you don’t have respect and vice versa. Without any respect, there is no true love in any relationship.

    5. Physical Violence and threatening

    Physical violence includes assaulting with or without any object. It is an act of attempting pain to a person. There are consequences of physical violence. It includes physical harm, anxiety, depression, and in some cases suicide. Physical violence should not be accepted at any cost and in any relationship.
    Threatening is another sign of an unhealthy relationship. If your partner threatening you repeatedly for anything. It can be money, breakup, other expectations, etc. Threatening isn’t allowed in a true relationship.

    6.Repeated Dispute

    If there are repeated disputes in a relationship then the relationship becomes unhappy. Sometimes disputes can be normal If you’re arguing with your partner. It’s natural. It’s normal to have agreements and disagreements over an issue with your partner. But, Only thing is that repeatability, issue of dispute, and unnecessary cause.
    Be cautious about the repeated dispute, If you really care for your relationship.

    7.Negative Environment

    Sometimes relation becomes worsen without a reason. Attitude matters in relationships. To have a relationship for the long run, You should be positive at all times. A person with a negative attitude makes a positive person down. To avoid negativity in a relationship, you should talk openly with your partner.

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How to Fix an Unhealthy Relationship with Step by Step Guide

Follow the following steps to improve your relationship:

  1. Be honest with your partner about everything.
  2. Accept your current financial situation
  3. Don’t blame each other for anything.
  4. Take responsibility.
  5. Focus on the problem, and solve it.
  6. Express without hesitation.
  7. Express your feelings on any cause, problem, and opportunity.
  8. Be open to talking.
  9. Listen first then answer.
  10. Work together and achieve milestones.


It’s easy to be in a relationship. But, It takes effort to maintain it for the long term. We need to make some sacrifices to meet happiness.
Moreover, To be successful in a relationship, you need to think from your partner’s perspective. Avoid unhealthy relationships by improving your attachment with your partner. We need to highlight what they need to maintain a happy relationship.

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