Why Young Teen Fails In Relationships and Tips To Overcome Them

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Teenage years are the most complicated years of anyone’s life. In these years, the kids are trying to understand their lives. And everything around them starts to change. Hormonal changes, changes in the status in school, and growing up. A kid goes through a lot in the teenage years. But these are also the years where the young teen experience certain things for the first time like relationships.

Most teenagers have their first relationship in school, the school sweetheart becomes the best part of the school. They want to meet them every day. Most of us have experienced that in our school lives. The pounding heart on seeing them. Making excuses to visit their classes. Meeting secretly after school or in recess. It is one of the best feelings for teenagers.

But even though these relationships are the first. They don’t last for long. Inevitably the relationship falls apart, and partners separate. Most kids fall in love for the first time at that age. But they cannot work things out with their partner and keep the relationship going. In this article, we will look at the reasons why young teen fails in relationships and the tips to improve.

Young Teen Get Serious Too Quick In The Relationship

As soon as the relationship begins. The kids start feeling that “this is it”. And they begin to feel, that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. The kids start planning their lives together. And to be honest this is not healthy. A relationship needs time to build. Both partners have to put effort and time into the relationship.

Young Teen Get Serious Too Quick | HappyLifeCry

The young teen put a lot of pressure on the relationship. Kids, at that age, are tender, and they are experiencing things for the first time. When they first have a relationship, they start feeling differently. And to capture it for a lifetime, they unknowingly put too much pressure on the relationship by getting serious. Even though they just want to communicate how crazy they are about you and that they love you all the way. But sometimes it can come across as too strong.

Quick Tip

To overcome this issue. You should be aware that all relationships take time, effort, love, and nurturing to build. You should keep in mind that you cannot expect your partner to get serious overnight. When you will start spending time with each other. And get to know each other better. Then you can build a strong foundation for your relationship. This foundation of trust and love will enable you to get serious in your relationship slowly over time.

They Make Their Partner Responsible For Keeping Them Happy

Teenage is a time when they are in their first relationship. They experience the feeling of attachment and love for the first time. They become extremely invested in their partners. That every action their partner takes directly influences their mood and life. Their partner constantly has to make extra efforts, and this wears them down.

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If their partner doesn’t have time, or they are busy. It spoils their mood, and they end up fighting with them instead of understanding. They put their life reins in the hands of another person. And they can get hurt because of this decision.

Quick Tip

To overcome this problem. You should understand that “it is not an easy task to keep anyone happy all the time”. You should expect realistic things from your partner. Yes, they should offer you support and give you attention.

But you cannot ask them to treat you like a baby all the time. Your partner can’t pamper you or cater to your every single need, you should keep that in your hand. Remember that your partner love you all the year, and they are doing the best they can to keep you happy.

Young Teen Prefer Texts Over Verbal Communication

Teenagers today, are born in the digital era. From confessing their feelings to handling a relationship. They do everything in texts. This might work fine for the initial days. But the lack of meetings and physical contact can put a serious strain on your relationship (especially if it’s your first).

Young Teen Prefer Texts | HappyLifeCry

This is one of the most common reasons for separation in teenage relationships. Texts should only be kept as a way to stay in touch. Real meetings and dates can help you get to know your partner better. You can make beautiful memories by meeting your partner. Which you cannot do via text.

Quick Tip

Make a schedule to meet your partner. This way you can see how they react in certain situations. You can also communicate with them better by meeting in person.

When you meet with your partner. You both can give your undivided attention to each other and create memories. The real-time meeting also enables us to do small efforts for them. Like taking them out to eat, to dance, or just spending quality time together.

Teen Gets Too Possessive About Their Partner

The first relationship in our teen years is something we remember and cherish till the end of our days. Sweet love, care, and possessiveness, all of us have seen it. But too much possessiveness can be a potential reason for separation.

Teen Gets Too Possessive | HappyLifeCry

Yes, when the relationship is new. We just want all the attention of our partners. We want to spend all the time with our partner. And it burns our hearts if we see them talking to someone else. It might look cute for a while. “But too much possessiveness can feel claustrophobic”. Your partner can feel like you don’t trust them. And it can lead to a rift between you two.

Quick Tip

To keep this problem at bay, you can communicate your insecurities to your partner. And with effective communication, you can resolve these issues. This will help them understand your perspective. And heartfelt communication will help you overcome your possessiveness. When you communicate your problems with your partner. You allow the problems to be resolved. And by effective communication, you can put these problems away, and just tell them that will love you all my life.

Young Teen Cannot Accept The Flaws Of Their Partners

When we were teenagers. All of us had an idea of a perfect relationship stuck in our heads. We expected our partners to be perfect. Or something right out of a fairy tale. In that early relationship, it is easy to forget that our partners are also humans. And just like us, they have flaws. Most teenagers can’t deal with the flaws and sabotage their relationships.

Quick Tip

To keep the relationship healthy, we should see our partners as humans. And accept their flaws. Sometimes, the kids just have to accept their partner and say, I love you all. You should keep in mind that all of us have flaws, and if they can accept yours. Why can’t you accept theirs?


Teenage relationships are precious. They are our first experience with love. We all are naive at that age, and because of our immaturity, we lose that precious relation. If we pay a little attention. And just keep an open mind, then we can make it work.

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